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List of FTP commands

Command Description
ABOR Abort an active file transfer.
APPE Append.
CWD Change working directory.
DELE Delete file.
LIST Returns information of a file or directory if specified, else information of the current working directory is returned. If the server supports the '-R' command (e.g. 'LIST -R') then a recursive directory listing will be returned.
MKD Make directory.
MODE Sets the transfer mode (Stream, Block, or Compressed).
NOOP No operation (dummy packet; used mostly as keepalives).
PASS Authentication password.
PASV Enter passive mode.
PORT Specifies an address and port to which the server should connect.
PWD Print working directory. Returns the current directory of the host.
QUIT Disconnect
REST Restart transfer from the specified point.
RMD Remove a directory.
RNFR Rename from.
RNTO Rename to.
SIZE Return the size of a file.
STOR Accept data and store data as a file at the server site.
TYPE Sets the transfer mode (ASCII/binary file).
USER Authentication username.

Active vs Passive FTP[1]

How to remember:

In Active FTP, Server actively opens Data channel.

  • ALG dynamically opens ports on following commands:[2]
PASV = Passive FTP
PORT = Active FTP


  • TFTP Connection:


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