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Using USB To Serial convertor to access Raspberry Pi Serial Console[edit]


Total Power consumption[edit]

70W  LG TV
4W   Wifi
30W  DTH Box
2W   Raspberry Pi
65W​  Laptop

USB Power Bank[edit]

Should not flicker while switching off power.
Auto Cut-off - Over charge prevention
5V 1A
Charge discharge simultaneously
24x7 charging

C​razy Pi[edit]

 + 1,500.00 Rs
 + Over-charge, over-discharge, over-current and short-circuit protection
 + USB-A output socket
 + microUSB input socket
 + LEDs indicate charge remaining and charging status
 + Output current rating: 1A @ 5V
 + Capacity: 2200mAh
 + Chemistry: Li-Ion Polymer


add a large capacitor
Shottky Diode & LM7805

UPiS Module[edit]

I/O and control
Software Protection
Environment supervising

In detail the list of UPiS features is here below:

1. Supervised and Protected Powering from all cable sources
  a. RaspberryPi ® micro USB (5 VDC) – available from firmware release V1.20
  b. Additional micro USB (5V DC)
  c. Extended External Powering Input (7V DC – 18V DC) [Advanced version only]
2. Battery Power Backup on each cable powering source (including original RaspberryPi® micro USB – optional after firmware activation) – the UPS feature
3. Onboard Rechargeable LiPO Battery (1150/2600 mAh) – battery working time is about 2 or 5 hours, but depending from the version, system load and configuration
4. Onboard enhanced multiple level protection system for the LiPO battery:
  a. Cut-off jumper
  b. PTC fuse
  c. Onboard Thermometer
  d. Over-charge and Over-discharge protection
  e. Over-voltage and Under-voltage protection
5. Onboard Intelligent Automatic LiPO Battery Charger (Charges the battery automatically but only if the supply voltage is present and can provide enough current to feed the RaspberryPi® and to charge the battery)
6. RaspberryPi® Hardware ON/OFF Switch
7. Embedded Emulated RTC (Real Time Clock – DS1307) accessible via RaspberryPi® I2C and/or RS232 provided from the System
8. Onboard Analog Thermometer (accessible via RaspberryPi® RS232)
9. Onboard True USB interface (can be used as RS232 – USB Bridge)
10. Programmable Time, RaspberryPi® File Safe Shutdown Button
11. Full monitoring of all UPiS Powering Parameters via RaspberryPi® RS232 port:
   a. Current Consumption
   b. Voltage on each Power source
   c. System Temperature
   d. Battery Level
   e. Powering source
   f. RTC based programmed Startup/Shutdown
12. Onboard UPiS Reset Button (resets UPiS and RaspberryPi® but not RTC by cutting the powering of the RaspberryPi® for a very short time)
13. Onboard NO RELAY controlled via RS232 or RaspberryPi® Pin (selectable by jumper GPIO_GEN0)
14. Onboard ESD Protected 1-wire interface, controlled via RS232 or RaspberryPi® Pin (selectable by jumper GPIO_GEN3) with separate 3.3V supply pull-up resistor.
15. Onboard ESD Protected I/O pin, controlled via RS232 or RaspberryPi® Pin (selectable by jumper GPIO_GEN3)
16. Onboard True 12 V RS232 interface to the external world (with level converter)
17. Protected (Resettable fuse 140 mA) 5 VDC output for user applications, with battery backup feature
18. Non-protected 3.3 VDC output for user applications (usually used for 1-wire application), separate and independent from the RaspberryPi® 3.3 supply.
19. Extended Tiny Encryption Algorithm (XTEA) cryptographic Customer Software Protection System (with custom defined protection keys)
20. Scripting language
21. LED-based Status Information System
22. Bootloader feature for lifetime firmware update.

Automatic TV Controller[edit]

  • Recored Power button IR Signal using LIRC- IR Reciever.
  • Generate IR signal for above recodered signal using IR LED.
  • Use HC-SR04 sensor to cal distance & trigger IR signal.
  • Place IR-LED infront of DTH Receiver/TV.

Rpi CLock[edit]

  • GeekRoo Clockatoo - Transform your Raspberry Pi in to a Fully Functioning Clock!

Door Intercom[edit]

  • Used PAM8403 based Amplifier
  • Add Preamp for Mic & test on small Speaker

Or Buy:

  • TBA 810 - Kit

Wireless Power Tx[edit]

Morse Code as LED[edit]