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  • Multiple VLANs in a single switch port?
  • How to automate failover if ISP provides two links(e.g Radio & Copper links) with same IPs(cable to be replaced in same port)?[1]

We are having two links with same IP addresses & same subnets, one from a Leased line & one from a Radio Link as a backup. Whenever the Leased line is Down, we remove the wire & replace it with one from the Radio Link & all is working. I want to automate the process but the interfaces did not accept the same IP address. I tried to configure one port as a backup, but it never comes up as it requires the port to be physically down. Please suggest any solution.

We are having Public IPs provided by the same ISP. The issue is that the IPs subnets are same & we require to change the wire in case of failure. I want to automate the process. Please help.

  • When Next-hop lookup(reachable or not) take place in ScreenOS flow?[2]
  1. At Route Lookup
  2. After policy lookup
  3. At Arp lookup
  • Flow of a L2TP VPN?[3]


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